For Easy Listening

In addition to last month’s news about my audiobook for The Curious Vanishing of Beatrice Willoughby, I’m happy to announce that my first two books will also be turned into audiobooks!

I absolutely love the voice actors for No Ordinary Thing and The Dreamweavers. Each one fits the story perfectly. It is incredible to hear how they bring the stories to life, so give these a listen!

Speaking of easy listening, I’ve been following an addictive podcast lately called Publishing Rodeo. Here’s a blurb of their mission statement:

In 2022, two authors debuted in the same genre, with the same publisher, in the same year. Yet each of their books, and subsequently each of their careers, went in very different directions. That pattern repeats itself throughout the industry, over and over. Why does this happen, and what does it mean? In THE PUBLISHING RODEO podcast, we aim to answer those questions and many more, using collated experiences from ourselves, friends, colleagues, and a slew of industry professionals in an attempt to deconstruct what makes or breaks a book, along with how to build–and maintain!–an author career. Facts matter. Truth is power. Get your boots on, and let’s ride.

I often get questions from people asking what it’s like behind-the-scenes in the publishing industry. For aspiring authors or those looking to break in, this is a fantastic podcast that explains the publishing process and sheds truth on some of the certifiably crazy things in this industry. (Warning: contents include mature language, so this is not for kids…. unlike my audiobooks, which are!) You can read the transcript for Episode 1 here.