Early Reviews for Beatrice Willoughby

Hope everyone is staying cool this summer! Some early reviews came in for The Curious Vanishing of Beatrice Willoughby. We have two starred reviews from Kirkus and Publishers Weekly:

★ “It would be terrifying if it weren’t so gloriously zany.” – Kirkus (full review here)

★ “… a fiendishly clever mystery whose atmosphere is thick with fevered accusations and Halloween fun.” Publishers Weekly (full review here)

There are also blurbs from some amazing authors. You can read them (and can pre-order the book) on this page.

In other news, the German edition for No Ordinary Thing comes out this September! Wow! My name will be on the cover of a book I can’t read! I’m positive they did an outstanding job. The translation is done by Reiner Pfleiderer, who has translated the German copies of the Septimus Heap series, along with other bestselling works.

Do you speak or know of someone who speaks German? Check it out on the publisher’s website! Danke.