No Ordinary Thing – Out in Paperback!

No Ordinary Thing is coming out in paperback on Feb 1st! You can order a copy at any store.

As a kid, I devoured paperbacks. They are affordable and accessible, and I’m excited that this book has a chance to reach more readers through its paperback version.

No Ordinary Thing Cover

In the publishing world, publishers tend to put out the hardcover first because of higher profit margins. The school and library market also prefers hardcovers, due to their durability. Surprisingly, there are times when books don’t come out in paperback due to initial low hardcover sales. I’ve heard of this happening to several authors.

This has always puzzled me. *scratches head* Readers who don’t want to pay $18 for the hardcover may very well pay half the price for a paperback, especially kids. By not releasing the paperback version, the publisher only contributes to the dwindling sales cycle. (One of these days, I’ll write an essay about the economics and improvements needed within the U.S. publishing industry.)

That said, I am grateful to the people who did purchase the hardcover of my debut. Thank you for believing in my story!

Also, a PSA – I try to respond to every email, so if you contacted me and did not get a response, it is either because I never received it, or I couldn’t reply to your message for some reason (wrong email address, message got blocked by internet space robots, etc.). Please reach out again! I love hearing from readers.