Upcoming Events and Updates

Back when I was a newbie writer, WriteOnCon was one of the few writing conferences I attended. Most conferences cost upward of $500 just to attend, but this online event only costs $10. It’s also easy to access, right from your bedroom in your pajamas. (Quarantine, anyone?) I highly recommend this event for aspiring authors, as you get to hear from literary agents, editors, and authors about the publishing process. This year, I wrote a guest blog for WriteOnCon about balancing writing with a full-time job, so check it out.

I’ll also be speaking at several panels at the Southeastern Young Adult Festival (also online) from March 11 – March 13. The events on March 13th are open to the community. I’ll be talking about the joys of writing speculative fiction along with several other children’s authors.

Finally, BookBub is running a promotion for No Ordinary Thing from Feb 21 to May 16. You can get the e-book for the discounted, super cheap price of $1.99! Whoo!

Lastly, for all the writers and readers out there feeling discouraged by this pandemic: you’re not alone. It’s a difficult time. Stories are a great way to distract yourself from the real world, now more than ever.